New Practice Set-Up

At Vivinx, we specialize in new practice set-up. We know how stressful it can be to try and figure out all the new elements associated with starting a practice, and we specialize in helping secure all the different pieces of the puzzle for each healthcare provider before they open their doors to see their first patients.

Some of our services related to new practice set-up include:

+ An initial consultation to discuss your needs, challenges and opportunities

   for your practice.

+ Discuss branding and designing a logo along with recommended

    marketing strategies broken down on a monthly basis.

+ Help with preparation in regards to operating budgets for your new

   practice. These things include everything from professional fees and legal

   fees to marketing costs and supplies.

+ Create a plan for employee wages and staff on-boarding.

+ Computer system demos and system requirement manual for billing and

    patient scheduling.

+ Evaluation of proposals and contracts.

+ Fee schedule negotiations to help ensure you are getting the best fees

    possible for your practice.

+ Consultation regarding recommended fee schedules.

+ Website needs evaluation and creation. This includes optimizing your   

    website for search and maintaining your website. 

+ Comprehensive revenue cycle management analysis. 

+ Training and consulting services related to clinical operations.

+ And much more!